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If you had a choice between a half job or no job, isn’t half more than zero – we often don’t act for fear that it won’t be perfect.

The Rebbes Directives For Sukkos – A Must Read


W often want time to pass – to get to the next exciting thing – or at least to get out of the current boredom – the trick with time is not to imagine it is endless, rather it is only like a blank book – it is not the amount of pages, nor how fast you can turn them, that counts; rather the content inside that does.

The truth is this




We live in a society which has no truth!


Imagine floating in a gigantic boat large enough for people to think it was a continent!


So you get up, see what others are doing, copy them; maybe go to the amusement park; try out some kind of philosophy; but none of it is satisfying, because the entire continent is just an aimless boat!


Kids grow up – and we grown-ups were also kids – under the illusion that the parents – the older people, actually know where the boat is going! but those parents were also kids, and they too had the same illusion about their parents!


The real truth is that no one has the foggiest notion where they are going!


It is time that we wake up!!!


We realize, our entire society has no destination.


The first step to realizing where to go, is realizing that you are going in circles!


Once we realize that –  and many in today’s age of plenty, have realized that materialism, so long the golden ideal, has proven to be also a non-fulfilling goal, hence many people have completed step one.


Step two is not so complicated for God revealed through the Rebbe the goal of life!


In fact in Judaism, in Jewish societies, this was practiced successfully for thousands of years – it is only as we became secularized we lost our compass, our goal.


The goal of man is to work on God’s behalf, spreading, love, goodness and kindness.