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Souliner: Ask yourself, what is not rubbish?

Souliner: If you want love, give love.

Souliner: The benefit of democracy is, that if you are bold, you can change the thoughts of mankind.

Amazing Interview – Amazing Responce:)



Dear Pamela


May I humbly disagree with your ad.


Why have been Jews been targeted for millennia?


What is behind the savagery of antisemitism?


Fundamentally, Jewish mysticism explains, that it is jealousy.


But if Jews were the underdog, if they were the dhimmis, second class citizens, why were so many jealous for so long?!


The answer is simple:


The ultimate jealousy is the jealousy not over the possessions one, as a materialistic person craves, but over, simply, happiness.


The Jewish people by nature are loving people.


By nature love is a good, warm, happy emotion.


So antisemites primarily desire the destruction of the loving heart!


Terrorism – as the very word connotes – is to instill fear, for if the heart is fearful, it cannot be loving.


Pamela, as a very right wing Rabbi, and supporter of Jewish people, I want to say you have caught the bug of the antisemites inner subconscious desire.


If we begin to hate them – never condone, never surrender, but at the same time never to fail to maintain our dignity, our love, our rationality instead of their emotionally charged literally mad insane rhetoric, then we have actually walked straight into the trap they have laid out for us.


Continue to promote all the good but never demean another, for if you do you have actually caught the very virus they desire to infect you with.


With blessings


Rabbi Wineberg

Souliner: To love is to sacrifice EVERYTHING for whom you love.

Souliner: In the end of the day, all we need is love, and the way to get it, is to give it unconditionally! – i.e. without expecting anything in return, for though you will naturally create a loving reaction, ultimately, love is how you feel about others.

Souliner: I Only Serve A God Who Has Unconditional Love!