Daily Archives: September 22, 2012

The goal of life is not to pray, thinking that God should give you want you expect or think is good for you; but rather, to trust that God is, and will always! do what is in your best, psychical, emotional and physical interest!

The challenge of life is not to do what we think is right, rather to do what God tells us is right.

Your Yetzer Hara – littler devil given to test you and ultimately strengthen you, but is a malevolent force always advising you – doesn’t even want you to have the pleasures he dangles like a carrot, distracting you from true happiness, a meaningful life!

If you are not thinking, merely following your instincts, do you not think that your instincts controlled by your Yetzer Hara, can’t be just as debased as the most heinous Nazis God-forbid who were doing the same.

So what’s the truth?



  • All is God
  • God loves us
  • God hence created us
  • As God loves us, he wants us to earn, not receive a reward! (for one feels good about what one earns, and bad about one feels was received as a handout)
  • Through the incredible good deeds and self sacrifice (literally) of the Jewish people over millennia, this has pushed away evil and brought Divinity into our reality
  • This results in the messianic era we are currently beginning
  • The messianic era mainly has two rewards: 1. we will experience a personal divine infusion, guiding teaching and helping each and every person! 2 we will be able to physically see the divinity we infused in this world!

The uniqueness of the Chabad Rebbes and their Chassidim is, that they didn’t do what was right because it was in their interest, rather because it was right.

Did you know that your brain is primary a bleaching machine, for every desire that you have your brain immediately whitewashes it.