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The most important thing to remember (especially for men, as women seem to be more aware of this due to their superior connection between the fantasy and reality side of the brain, the left and right hemispheres) for every action there is a consequence, as our sages teach us, a smart person is one who thinks about the consequences of his actions BEFORE he does them, while a fool experiences the consequences of his actions AFTER.

People think that deals create reality, the truth is, heres the deal, if you make source (God) happy, you will have everything, and you make God, being a reaction (just as peoples hearts react in love or God-forbid hate to each other, so to God to ours,) happy, through being happy, which comes through seeing the good in your life.

A Poem

Like a mother

Caring unconditionally for herself

Her newborn baby

With tenderness

With love

With undivided attention

So to

God cares for you


The Rebbes great advice and direction for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur (sorry wasn’t able to post for technical reasons earlier)

Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur

Souliner: The bottom line is this: three realities dominate man, his ego (which in truth is his lack of self esteem, necessitating grandiosity, for if one’s self esteem was good – they truly felt good about themselves i.e. cherished, loved, appreciated themselves, they wouldn’t need to feel good about themselves!) man’s instincts, we have many natural instincts, intercourse, which sort of dominates western media; but many others, like, survival, the need for companionship, the desire to win (sports etc. etc.) but most importantly, we have God in us, which is our innate essence, our innate desire that things should be compassionate, harmonious, the challenge of life is becoming the God in us, and not the ego, nor allowing our instincts to – like a GPS controlled by someone else – lead us down the path of aimlessness at best, in a deep dark dungeon at worst.

Souliner: Appreciating what we have gives us happiness, while those things we want which we also won’t appreciate once we attain them wont.

The question is what, not how much.