What is behind the blood thirsty Muslims who kill?   Why do they happily show their viewers on their networks the jubilations of thousands of Muslims as an American is killed?   The answer is simple.   Barbarism is alive, though not well.   In other words, barbarism, the human psyche turned against itself, that as apposed to love there is hate, the common standard in fact for much of human history when people were devalued hence resentful hence jealous of anyone elses happiness, hence thousands of years of barbaric murder of Jewish people.

      Born into delusions of grandeur, for the entire world – which we perceive, hence the entire world – is there to cater to our every whim; scarcely do we recognize truth.   We are no less dependent than a baby kangaroo nursing from its mother (or is that a wallaby?) in its pouch.   Everything is only, the judiciously, lovingly, awesomely, designed gift! enabling us to sublimate our delusion of grandeur for the truth.

  The Twilight Zone   Do-dah, do-dah, do-dah, do-dah…   What is the twilight zone?   What is twilight?   Well I don’t know, but I know it’s a zone unlike any other, you see it’s not dark nor is it light.   That’s why we don’t know what it really is.   My friends, we are currently in the twilight zone!   Imagine the scene (the prototype,) the messiah comes and says “boys in a few minutes you will all miraculously be redeemed” – utter gratitude, hope, jubilation envelops – but then life continues, nay, it even gets more depressing than yesterday, so you lose your hope, jubilation, gratitude.   But then the miracles begin!   You see, this is the prototype (what happened in Egypt) for redemption.   The same happened in our time.   Our Mosses, for as the Kabbalah teaches, every generation has a Mosses, was certain that the Messiah was coming now, to the extent he actually let us know in almost prophetic terms!   Having trust in him, there was hope, jubilation, gratitude.   And then Mosses went on high – for according to the Kabbalah the messiah will be revealed, concealed, then revealed again; one thing is for certain, as the Midrash (rabbis of old teach) to lose Mosses is worse than THE DESTRUCTION OF THE HOLY TEMPLE!   Yet the twilight zone is there for a very good reason!   You see ultimately it is the period where the eye learns to see.   When it is dark you adjust your eye (for there are black and white, and color cones, seeing the dark and light respectively) hence you become accustomed to the dark, yet if God forbid light suddenly poured forth, like when you turn on the light when you have Read more…

By the Rebbe, the emphasis was love your fellow Jew.   This (above) doesn’t detract from love of God for as the Alteh Rebbe writes, the love of your fellow Jew is the conduit to love for God.   A Tzaddik as the Rebbe, that passes on can choose to focus on love of his fellow Jews.   Even though this may detract from his heavenly bliss (as he has another focus) nonetheless, as this was how he behaved throughout his lifetime – to put others before himself, so does he continue to do so   Just as the Rebbe continuously elevates through his heavenly experience, so to does he help his disciples elevate in their services which he instructed them in.

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