The truth as the Rebbe teaches, as we have had occasion to mention earlier today as well, is that there is no absolute truth, except for the system in which God has chosen to engage humanity.   The system is, Plan, Action, Result.   This system is both macro and micro.   In other words, the very first three Hebrew letters of God’s alphabet, the Hebrew letters designed by God, hence every letter has incredible profound depth, is, alef, beis, gimmel.   Alef is God who is singular, one; b, is breishis, the beginning (first letter of the Torah – which refers to creation, so the singular God had a plan (within the alef) which enacted the creation of everything to bring about g. which is redemption (the unification of God within man and everything on our level here on earth.)   However, the micro also works the exact same way, Plan, Action, Result.   In other words, say God wants you to find a job, you happen to meet someone who happens to know someone, who happens to need your skills, so you happen to get a job.   That was because a. God wanted you to be able to support your family with dignity, so b. the actions / plan steps manifested in this world, which automatically creates c. the result God intended.

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