Living with the joy of Moshiach within Golus/exile



When the Chief Rabbi of Israel Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu came to visit the Rebbe, the Rebbe told him that as Moshiach is so close we can bring Moshiach into our lives now!, as the Rebbe made a sweeping motion with his hand drawing it across the table into himself.


Most Jews – myself included – always foresaw two stages 1. a stage of exile, darkness; and a stage of redemption, light.


The truth is, there is a third in-between state when the sun begins to rise and the world contains both, has an admixture of darkness in light.


Similarly, by understanding what Moshiach is, we can understand how even though there is much darkness your life can literally be as bright as when Moshiach comes!



What is Moshiach from a  psychological perspective?


All is perceived, so the perception of the era Moshiach boils down to a single simple factor, its good!


When a person believes that life is good, well then Moshiach has arrived!

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