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Souliner: The bottom line is, we are not creations rather we are empowered to be creators, everything that is created came from God’s thoughts, similarly, if we expect positive or God-forbid negative, reality follows suite.

Souliner: Anger is evil.

Souliner: What we have is not ours, rather as the Mitzvah of Bikkurim teaches us, we take from our very best, giving it to God, for what is ours is really only on loan to us, so the more we give the… we get.

Souliner: Instead of getting angry over someone who hurts or offends us, think: how very very sad that a nice sweet soul as all Jews are born, should have been subjugated to so much evil that s/he has become bitter.

What we believe


What do Jews believe?


Jews believe:


  • Everything is one
  • Things only appear to be separate, but really there is only God
  • God’s energy created many universes, ours is the lowest which conceals His Being, hence we only see physical things, though behind the physical is really God Himself
  • All Jews are one, for their soul is essentially God and as God is one we are all one
  • All people, even animals plants etc. (including Jews) are created for one purpose, namely each and every person and thing, has a mission to fulfill
  • In order to know what your mission is, God revealed Judaism
  • Judaism is the wisdom of the Torah transmitted from God to Mosses
  • This was faithfully recorded – including its interpretation (called the oral law) transmitted century over century by the great students, Rabbis, their students etc. until it was written in a book called the Mishnah by Rabbi Yehudah Hanasi
  • In every generation God sends a prophet at the level of Mosses
  • This prophet, if we are fortunate to get to know him is capable of revealing God’s mission for their generation.
  • In our generation this prophet was The Lubavitcher Rebbe
  • The Lubavitcher Rebbe includes our generation, for as there has been no prophet following him, as we find by Shimshon (the prophet of his time) Judaism refers to him as the leader until the next prophet appeared.
  • The Rebbe prepared that if we take Chassidic mentor as a Rav (spiritual adviser) whatever the spiritual mentor will say will be God’s advice for us.

Souliner: If we don’t love goodness as much as we hate evil, than our hatred of evil is actually fear, anxiety and hurt.

Souliner: Your ego can only destroy your happiness, never make you satisfied, accomplished or happy.