Monthly Archives: September 2012

What is true, is that everything that we see isn’t what we see, it is actually God concealed within the physical, as the Alter Rebbe writes, emunah (faith) comes from the word omen (craftsman,) for just as a craftsman trains his hands to automatically do his craft, similarly, a person must train their eyes to automatically realize that everything is God concealed.

The people who don’t hurt others are good.

Man’s role in marriage is to show his wife that life is manageable (for its this fear of being out of control, as women’s brains innately show every single task that MUST be accomplished, that drive women insane.)

We only gain through listening to God or our mashpia (spiritual mentor, as the Rebbe taught, everyone should appoint a Chabad Chassidic spiritual adviser and God will communicate through them) and we only lose relying on our own minds.

Why do we seek triumphant grandeur, precisely because as children we believed – a perception of course – that our parents were all capable, and as we identify with our parents hence we believe that we too in adulthood can achieve this “delusion grandeur.”

Mans greatest sadness comes precisely from his greatest aspiration, to be his own boss, for in his delusion of grandeur, all that doesn’t assume to fit his perception of being able to control his environment, causes him intense anguish.

Know this, God’s kindness is what is your success, for when we thingk the reverse (our kindness is our success) we become upset when we don’t get our way and when we get upset we become nazi-like in our desire that others too should not be happy for we then become jealous of their emotions.