Please help us serve Rosh Hashanah Meals to those in need in Johannesburg!



Firstly, thank you to all the generous contributors for our initiative to alleviate hunger through offering free meals to anyone in need through MCY.


Already we have served over 200 meals to people in genuine need!


We would love to expand to offer food for Rosh Hashanah through recipients identified via Yad Aharon who are partnering (not financially) with us in our wonderful initiative!


Make Your Brothers And Sisters Rosh Hashanah!!!


Please email Rabbi Wineberg servingjoburgsjews@gmail.com and he will send you the banking details.


The bottom line to life



The Rebbe – who knew perhaps better than every other scholar, as I heard from Rabbi Mordichai Eliyahu the Chief Rabbi of Israel that in every field of Jewish scholarship the Rebbe towered above all – the bottom line of Judaism!


From his first days as Rebbe to his last, he emphasized the following statement indefinitely!


“It is our purpose to work on God’s behalf.”


In other words, in this simple statement all of life is included.


This statement contains the greatest liberation to, and unity for, man.


Man gets depressed precisely when he is egocentric.


It is not humility that causes depression, rather arrogance for the more one believes one is entitled to, the less one is satisfied with, for one realizes how much more he is missing, while the less one is entitled to, the more one is satisfied with, for the less one believes one is entitled to hence everything is a bonus.


As long as we see ourselves as masters we shall always be servants, but the moment we realize that we are God’s messengers to do his will of Torah and Mitzvos, goodness and kindness then we become redeemed from our geocentricism and we are freed.


If someone is a driver of his own car he may often get upset, but if someone is merely the chauffer wherever he lands up, he knows it is in the service of the boss, so it really makes no difference.


The added benefit of

“It is our purpose to work on God’s behalf” is as follows:


Unity occurs when many people have a similar goal.


It is only when people feel commonality  that they realize their shared destiny.


When people are all working for themselves every single ego/person is actually a separate entity hence though democracy adds in justice it doesn’t add in unity for all people are after their own agenda.


Nowhere do we see this more clearly – i.e. the benefit of common purpose – then in the Rebbe’s Shluchim who though all have their separate location, all feel the same agenda, hence there is no rivalry rather an incredible sense of identification hence sharing of resources (e.g. a google groups with hundreds of people emailing for advice etc. etc.)


So it is precisely recognizing that “I am created to work on God’s behalf” that frees me from my upsetness from not achieving egotistical and selfish aims (for I have transformed my aim and desires) and furthermore, unites me with every other person, in fact every other creation for all have also been created for the same purpose.


If you want to know Who God is, Know who the Rebbe is!



If a = b and b = c than a = c!


(I learnt that that, that is Aristotelian logic, though it is common sense.)


Our sages teach us, Tzaddikim (the wholly righteous) mirror God!


Perhaps this is one of the reasons God created these angelic men (and women) so we could get a picture of God.


One of the greatest errors we make when we think of God is we confuse power with arrogance.


God, as the Rebbe teaches us (and also demonstrated through his own personality) is absolute humility!


God perhaps thinks you are greater than he is!


(Did not the greatest Tzaddik Mosheh Rabbeinu think so?, and if he mirrors God, it would stand to reason that God thinks so as well, though you and I know the truth!)


In other words, the truly great are in fact so humble that they see others as the truly great.