Daily Archives: August 29, 2012

Souliner: Though it may seem that we are individuals, the truth is, for every person – as God is infinite – not limited in any way shape or form – destiny was INDIVIDUALLY created.

Souliner: Pretension is, well, pretentious

Travel Advisory: Never Fly U.S Airways



I took a flight and apart from every sales person giving me contradictory information, eventually a supervisor confirmed they would refund it to which they only refunded half claiming that as I flew from Kansas City to Charlotte which was their hub, used as a place to change the flights and as the fact we had to stay overnight – which they didn’t pay – was an act of God (amazing how religious they get when it comes to not paying) hence to make a long story short I and many many other passengers experienced not only getting false information costing money but a very poor service – and the truth is I don’t blame the employees because it was clear that they are treated in good old southerner style as second class citizens – overworked and underpaid, which is why it is only natural to expect that they underperformed!

Souliner: Life is not about unconditional kindness for than you may give to those who you shouldn’t (like money to a drug addict). Life is not about unconditional fear for then you will never allow those you love the wings to fly; rather life is about compassion, which means discerning what is the right thing to do in every given situation.