Daily Archives: August 26, 2012

Souliner: Live a life today that you wont regret tomorrow!

Souliner: If Mosses and the Rebbe, the two greatest men, can consider all other people to be greater than them, then what about you and I?!

Souliner: By the time we realize that life is a once in the lifetime opportunity we are usually on our deathbed.

Souliner: More important than what we do is how we do it, for if we do things as a servant we will never delude ourselves that we are masters, and the subsequent shame, hurt and hence misery and evil such a delusions garners.

Souliner: God seeks not for us to become spiritual, rather for his spirit to become us.

Souliner: The greatest gift God has given man is enabling us to work for his noble pursuits e.g. Goodness and Kindness for all is preordained.

Souliner: We are here as any creation of a creator to fulfill the directives of the creator – in our case as we have a soul it is also our desires and the challenge is only because we have a Yetzer Hara, a little devil that tries to get us to not do goodness and kindness by dangling the silly pleasures and narcissistic wounding (self esteem issues) in our consciousness.