This is the final, and all follows the final / end, of the twelve verses from the millions, chosen by the Lubavitcher Rebbe as themes of Judaism for all Jews to know.   Why this?   What does this teach us?   This verse is preceded by the following teaching:   The purpose of the creation of every Jew and of all the worlds is to make a dwelling place for G-d in this world!   In other words, we need to redefine our understanding of reality.   Most religions and religious people make a fundamental approach mistake i.e. the way they view God’s desires is erroneous.   If you are a religious person naturally you would think that as God is not physical – some kind of spirit who is certainly not limited nor confined to our limited physical world – hence heaven is where God is found.   In other words, the ying, the spiritual bliss, is more important than the yang, the corporeal reality.   Jewish mysticism categorically states the opposite, namely:   “The purpose of the creation of every Jew and of all the worlds is to make a dwelling place for G-d in this world!”   In other words, God’s desires, ends, right here on earth!   So the question of course, is, why?   Why would an infinite spirit being, desire this physical lowly place and hence the reply: The Jews should rejoice in their Maker. Every Jew should share in G-d’s joy, Who rejoices and is happy in His dwelling place in this world!   In other words, people by nature enjoy what is different.   God too does not so to say enjoy heaven as much as earth for heaven – another spiritual realm is no different to God.   Read more…

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