The truth


Our sages teach us, God desired a home on earth.


Where is God’s home? In man!


How does man make a home for God?


Ultimately, if we look at this as a relationship we understand it easily.


What is a relationship?


Two people who care for each other.


God obviously cares about us, for we existed in his mind prior to our emerging as humans on earth and he cares about us.


But do we care about God?


A bit of a longer stretch.


For us to care about God, truly care, as one cares about a dear friend many  many things had to take place.


The list is too vast to go into all the details, but fundamentally we had to stop caring about the vanities, lusts, egoism of life.


Particularly our generation, that has rejected these “idols” is the generation that is embracing God, because God cares about us!

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