The voice of God


How does God communicate?


Once upon a time there were prophets.


One of the fundamentals of Judaism is that God communicates.


But there are many levels to prophecy.


Prophecy as I understand it took a prophet into the higher realms where time has predated, as a precursor, our reality!


In other words, as the Baal Shem Tov writes, time is linear (a little understood from the theory of relativity) what we experience on earth happens in heaven prior to us experiencing it, which doesn’t mean our experience isn’t real, rather we feel it slowly, whereas in heaven it happens quickly.


In other words, the Kabbalists teach us, that in the machshavah hakedumah dak the primordial thought of God to create, all that ever would happen was included in that thought.


So the very words I am typing now was in that thought.


Like a movie that contains the whole DVD on it and we experience it slowly as it plays out, similarly time which as it begins to become a reality (for in God there is no time nor space) in the higher spiritual worlds (where the concept of past present future begins,) there time is experienced slower and slower.


For example, the Baal Shem Tov once wrote a letter to his brother-in-law in Israel regarding how the brother-in-law did something which necessitated the Baal Shem Tov to pray for him and the brother-law replied, that it is true that he did the thing and everything the Baal Shem Tov said was true, however the letter was written before the event happened, to which the Baal Shem Tov replied that in heaven (where he saw the event,) time is experienced before earth.


Often the Rebbe would reply to letters in advance of them having been sent, so many times someone from Israel would send a letter say on Monday and the next Monday he would receive a reply – a week later – the trouble is, that it then took a week for the letter to arrive in New York, it must have taken a day or two for the Rebbe to read it and then a week to send it back.


All of this is within the realm of time and space, so there is how it can be quick and quicker, and even instantaneous, but all of this is not truly God’s ability, for the essence of God contains infinite possibilities, mainly the possibility of merging himself (beyond anything of our reality) within our reality.


Here’s how I understand it will happen:


God is beginning to form personal relationships with people.


In fact over 50% of believers in the US (hundreds of millions) believe they have a personal relationship with God.


This is in direct contradistinction to how people assumed only a prophet could have a relationship.


The reason is, that for us on earth to be able to go into heaven, very few truly can do so!


However, for God to come to our minds, to communicate within us, to us… that is no sweat for God is infinite he can bridge the unbridgeable gap (see

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