Inside / outside







There are two worlds:


Both seem so real that those who live in either one think those who live in the other are delusional!


Inside / outside!


Which one is more real?


Is your feeling more real than your physical body?


Is harmony less real than the bodies that seamlessly interrelate?


One of the most fascinating things I read was the Rebbe’s letter to the Israeli who became the head of the World-Teacher’s-Association.


In it the Rebbe writes, that schools provide two things, namely social skills, for in the playground people learn the necessity of give and take as well as skills, but what it doesn’t teach the person is the intrapersonal world.


Judaism and especially Jewish mysticism focus almost exclusively on the real intrapersonal (the inner world of your mind and emotions, for it is from that world that your behavior and you feelings hence you reactions, come from.)


There are three energies that inhabit planet earth – though of course all is designed from beyond



The greatest energy is love – I love you for I identify with you.


The second energy is tens of thousands of different buttons/demons that install a certain pleasure for certain things, for example the sages once did away with the lust demon and in that year no chicken laid an egg in Israel, hence our desire for certain things like lust food etc. and the pleasure they give us are not only pleasurable but partly necessary for survival itself, but these pleasures are not necessarily good in and of themselves.


The lowest of course is the ego, that banal “quality” that gets angry when slighted and all evil is related to it.