How to bring the infinity of God into your life!



Image that?


Yes you can!


You can bring God’s thoughts, God’s direction, God’s wisdom into your life!


For millennia man has tried to bridge an unbridgeable gap.


How do we connect to God?




The trick is not how do we connect to God? rather how does God connect to us!?


For if we are standing on opposite sides of each other, and there is an infinite gap between us, only an infinite Creator can bridge the infinite gap, never the finite creation!


For this reason God gave us Torah and Mitzvos, they act like a conduit, a wire connecting God to us!


All good and well, but practically how do I get God into my life?!


Firstly that’s how! for you need not be aware that God has come  into your life, for God to come into your life!


For example, the Rebbe often told me (through writing and receiving replying in Igros Kodesh) to study Chitas the daily potion of Torah/Bible, Tehhilim and Tanya, and it is well know that Chitas are three books that really are names of God, hence these books act as conduits for Godliness to descend daily into man.


Well by nature, I am very very lazy (not surprising to you vdal) so it took me many many years till I started this routine; but I noticed something a amazing happened – whereas before my life was say 50% good, suddenly things started to occur – what we call coincidences, but so many of them that my life honestly became 95+% good, and I see a direct correlation between saying these holy words and my day! (so much so, I started to say it for my kids, and one for the Jewish people as a whole!)


But additionally, we can literally (especially now as the Rebbe says, that to compensate the extreme spiritual darkness in the world, there is a correlating extreme spiritual light!) so we can literally get God’s wisdom in our lives!


There are a number of ways to do this:


Perhaps the easiest well known way (at least in Jewish mysticism) is to ask.


If you ask God “should I take a right or left turn?” the first thought that enters your mind is God reply to you! and I know what your thinking, “well maybe that’s my thoughts?!” “well, maybe it works!” so just try it, and as someone who has, literally hundreds of thousand of times!, I can tell you it never once failed me!!!


The second, perhaps more important way is depending on the circumstance to ask a Mashpia, a Chabad Chassidic Rabbi or any Jew schooled both in the revealed and esoteric part of Judaism and if you appoint him or her as your personal mentor (obviously men to men, women to women) God himself ensures the reply comes through.


Many people additionally report today – normal people – that God is communicating in the form of hearing a voice, not relay God-forbid as in schizophrenia, a foreign voice, rather their own voice, their own mind telling them things that they didn’t think of!


To me this represents the pinnacle of God’s descent into humanity and as I recently heard from the Rebbe (on a tape) that the primary of Moshiach is this unity of God within man!