Why Islam is in the dark ages



Once upon a time the thinking went, “if I have more swords than you, then – I should annihilate you” because the subconscious belief, as the entire world (apart from Jews believed) “might is right.”


I believe, that after two western world wars, the west finally woke up and said “no, might is not right!”


That is why, you saw Americans going against their own government for getting involved in the Vietnam war!


The people stopped believing that “might is right,” and they began to believe, “right is might” or at least “right is right!”


In the Muslim world, particularly the middle-east no such consciousness shift occurred.


We see clearly that they are murderers, rapists, torturers – literally – to their own people.


I once asked a Pakistani Muslim doctor on a flight, why the Arabs were attacking Jews? he was silent, then gave a wry smile and said – exactly the point above – “two Arab countries had a war eight years over where a designated oil pipeline should go.”


In other words – what everyone who know the Arabs knows; killing, – well that’s what they do, and have been doing for thousands of years!