The news that should keep you awake at night



So you may not be happy to hear, but hear it you must!


The fact is, that what the Alter Rebbe teaches us in Tanya, that there are two primary emotions love and fear and if you are worried, stressed, “in the state of fear” you cannot be in the state of love, is true to alarming almost epidemic measures!


A recent 500 million European person study (that is from the largest studies ever! and certainly in mental health) concludes exactly what the Alter Rebbe teaches.


So the doctors are good at telling us what to worry about, but the question is, how to overcome the problem.


The answer the Alter Rebbe provides as well.


The bottom line is, that we get stressed when we get afraid and we get afraid when we think that the future, based on the past, is bad.


All we need to do – though it is often almost impossible for people to do this – is to tell ourselves that God is good and though what is occurring FEELS bad, as God is good, all that is occurring is for the eventual best possible results!!!