Reaction versus creation



We have two choices in life:


The common choice is the default position, namely we are a combination of nature and nurture.


Hopefully we have a sweet nature, now if our nurture is loving than we will be sweet and loving, if God forbid our nurture which includes all of our experiences is harsh, then he too will become harsh.


On the other hand, we have been uniquely given the ability to choose our lives!


By seeing good, you will always be sweet and loving!


The playground theory


A friend of mine – very bright – said the following this Shabbos, worth sharing:


Life is very simple, life is like a giant playground, stay away from people who tease and befriend people who don’t.




I would add to that:


Three types of kids are on the playground:


Bullies – low self esteem hence trying to up their esteem by lowering yours


Normal – just want to have friends and a good time


The angels – those who see and care and hence assist others


Be an angel in life!


The fundamental flaw of politics



A friend of mine is pretty involved in high level contributions on behalf of Jews.


So recently when Alan Dershowitz came to South Africa he asked him what he thinks of Netanyahu, and Dershowitz said something very true about politicians – ultimately it is his job to stay in power.


Thousands of years ago our sages told us – stay away from politicians, for they help you when they need you and drop you when you need them!