When you cook something a Jew must light the fire


According to Jewish law for something to be kosher (on most foods) a Jew must light the fire!


How come?


Well observing as I am, now in a cheese making factory, that the Jew must add the rennet – the part that transforms the milk into cheese it occurred to me that the fire is the transformative process.


Our sages: “accept wisdom from gentiles but not Torah” in other words, if Aristotle wants to teach you a sum, learn from him, but if he desires to teach you the sum total of the meaning of life, run far away.


For anything that has a transformative power, the ability to lead you in a direction must be completely perfect.


It is for this reason, the Rebbe was very concerned with the moral education of the world.


For it makes scarcely a difference how many equations a child knows – especially today with calculators etc.


But if a child is aware that there is a God that cares about morality, to whom he is privileged and obligated to serve, well that’s the difference between a world which has morality or one that doesn’t.

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