Beauty the Alter Rebbe teaches is when colors combine.


One color is hardly beautiful.


Similarly, uniformity – if all people are clones of a central doctrine – is not beautiful.


Beauty is apparent in a religion that allows for self expression, so many people are working on the same goal.


In Judaism, uniformity was never a necessity, for God’s greatness is such that even in opposing Torah views, both are the word of the living God.


Beauty is in all people striving to do the right thing.


You have won the lotto


From now on everything you imagine will be fulfilled!


Sounds great!?


Or does it?!


The truth is, that the Talmud tells us a person prefers 1 dollar which he earned over 9 that his friends gives him!


Similarly, wouldn’t it be nice to have all the spiritual benefits of the messianic world!?


In fact, the universe started out that way, and of course, as even man’s sins are arranged by God as the verse states God brings a libel onto man (through the cunningness of the Yetzer Hara) hence it was God’s desire that we should benefit from that uniquely human need of feeling accomplished.