This week is Parshas Eikev


The Rebbe teaches, in the most amazing, highest but most understandable talks of the last years of his talks – a beautiful teaching that has practical relevance, on this week’s Parshah.

“In the end you will listen to my commandments – and God promises rewards.”

The word end also means heal.

On one hand we are like the lowest generation, on the other hand, we are at the end of exile!

This Shabbos we bless and welcome in the new month of Elul starting next week.

So the Rebbe teaches us that there  r  three basic things one must contemplate, relating to the previous years Avodah (man’s service / mission in life to God)

A. God wants it to be our service (so I am paraphrasing now) the key thing is to think, not how much did I accomplish? but how much effort did I put into accomplishing my mission / service in life?!

B. As God is infinite, he can guide man, hence the next question is, to what extent (again paraphrasing) did I allow God (e.g. through a Mashpia etc.) to Guide my direction?

C. As God is truly infinite, he and you can unite.

To what extent has God worked through me?!


Are you facing the sun?


Life consists of three dimensions.


You, the sun, and the light/warmth of the sun.


Without you – well you wouldn’t feel nor see the light warmth of/and the sun.


But the goal of course is not that the sun and you should remain separate beings!


Rather for you to imbibe the light and warmth of the sun!


A funny thing happened to me today.


Recently here in Africa it has been freezing cold and as we believe in old fashioned business, I mean building codes, therefore all the homes are made of bricks, which act as refrigeration units for a few months (cause it doesn’t reeeaaaly get cold in Africa.)


So needing some warmth, I went out into the sun but I noticed something remarkable.


While I was facing the sun it got warm, but though the distance (particularly relative to the 98,000,000 miles it traveled ) from one side (namely toward and away from the sun) is minute, it terms of temperature it made a world of a difference.


The same is true in life!


There is you!


There is the Rebbe of the generation, the source of God’s energy for his generation!


You will be able to stand in the universe irradiated by his light but whether you are listening, imbibing, feeling his light, or ignoring it, will be the difference between vibrancy or not.


The delusion of difference


Who are we?


How do people define themselves?


At the core of our self definition is differences!


Male / female, Jew / Christian!


But all of these are exterior differences!


At the heart of reality lies a single truth we are all souls – and our external differences is only like many people working in a Coca-Cola factory – the ultimate goal is to produce a beverage, but though our uniformity is in our essential goal, by necessity for a beverage such as coke to be produced, many many different jobs need to be executed – similarly, for our world to become the spiritual haven it is and will turn into!, every person and every mode of expression is necessary!




Beauty the Alter Rebbe teaches is when colors combine.


One color is hardly beautiful.


Similarly, uniformity – if all people are clones of a central doctrine – is not beautiful.


Beauty is apparent in a religion that allows for self expression, so many people are working on the same goal.


In Judaism, uniformity was never a necessity, for God’s greatness is such that even in opposing Torah views, both are the word of the living God.


Beauty is in all people striving to do the right thing.


You have won the lotto


From now on everything you imagine will be fulfilled!


Sounds great!?


Or does it?!


The truth is, that the Talmud tells us a person prefers 1 dollar which he earned over 9 that his friends gives him!


Similarly, wouldn’t it be nice to have all the spiritual benefits of the messianic world!?


In fact, the universe started out that way, and of course, as even man’s sins are arranged by God as the verse states God brings a libel onto man (through the cunningness of the Yetzer Hara) hence it was God’s desire that we should benefit from that uniquely human need of feeling accomplished.