Just turn on the light


We all want to be happy!


Perhaps never in history as much!


Maslow’s hierarchy has self actualization i.e. finding meaning, happiness, purpose, as the highest need!


Much of history was involved in the physical needs and certainly as we see in Africa when ones needs are basic, happiness is not the prime issue!


Thank God we have achieved a high – perhaps the highest in human history – standard of living in the west!


So naturally the question becomes, how to become happy?


But the answer to this question is so simple!


If you are in a dark room, just turn on the light!


There are two things a person needs to be happy – and its just that simple, and no matter how many panaceas or escapism! nothing else works! – Meaning i.e. find a altruistic purpose and do it consistently, constantly, energetically, with love, as if this is why your soul was placed on planet earth! 2. Gratitude, for every time you say thank you to God for the infinite miracles he is constantly, consistently, altruistically and lovingly giving you, you remove your ego, and in humility there is appreciation over what you have, which is more than you will ever attain.


Self Esteem



As you may have picked up by now, one of my full time jobs is thinking.


Well let me share with you some of my latest thoughts.


Self Esteem


It is amazing how little we understand of something that totally and utterly controls us!


The Zohar teaches, three things can control man, his thoughts, his emotions and his self esteem – ego.


What is self esteem?


Well it is if we esteem ourselves or not.


Effectively a person is not a real thing.


A person is a perception of himself.


That’s why people can be so many different people, nationalities, religions, for they all perceive themselves – like a mask worn by different cultures, groups etc. (well if that’s not enough to get you thinking…)