Why an Olympic Gold Medal is meaningless



What don’t people do for a Gold Medal?


Hundreds of thousands of people are involved in training for Gold Medals.


And then…


But let’s not even go so far – the truth is, that the very achievement is absolutely meaningless.


The reason for this was discerned by yours truly as I watched – in a restaurant that had the games playing – a running race.


So what does it really mean if I win that race, or if you do?


Only a title.


In other words, you can run faster than say anyone on this planet.


Can you really run fast, well there are millions of animals that would laugh at your speed, gazelles at about 40mph, cheetahs at 70.


So are we fast, no – it is only relative to everyone else, we are slightly faster.


The same is with all titles – whether the guy is a genius or the woman is beautiful – it is relative to wisdom you are slightly or even quite, more than someone else.


But being more than someone else – is that really an achievement?

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