True infinity


This Shabbos I was very fortunate to read a new definition of God’s infinite abilities – something I had never read before – taught by the Rebbe in his amazing sichois, teachings (Shabbos Parshas Nachamu 5751.)


(My introduction:) in general as Rabbi Wagner told me, the Rebbe’s thing was infinity!


In other words, Reb Hillel Paritcher was once at a Farbrengen of the Tzemach Tzedek – third Chabad Rebbe – who said, how the Baal Shem Tov took all of Jewish wisdom, including Kabbalah, till his time, and went to the next dimension; and then the Alter Rebbe did the same, as did his son Rabbi Dovber, and then the Tzemach Tzedek was quiet, and Reb Hillil said, and so did the Tzemach Tzedek!


We know, each of these masters took the understanding of God, Godliness, Judaism and no less important, if not even more important, the Jew himself!, to the next level.


Firstly, how can this be?


Isn’t Judaism suppose to be, an ancient doctrine?


Yes and no.


Judaism has two parts, like a body and soul.


The body, the body of Jewish laws, of course, was given at Mount Sinai, and as the generations progress, we look at our understanding of them as getting weaker!


But just like the human body weakens, whereas one gets wiser as one gets older – hence one must stand even before a gentile once he reaches the age of 70, for even the wisest Jewish child cannot compare to the experience of someone who lived 70 years – similarly, when it comes to Kabbalah, the soul of Torah our understanding increases with time! – as I suppose the revelation from God regarding it as well! (for we know, as the Alter Rebbe teaches, that the Arizal was aware – tzimtzum harishon etc. – of things even Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai was not aware of, for it was revealed to him.)


Similarly, the Baal Shem Tov not only explained Chassidus – Kabbalah, better than ever before, but actually revealed a higher dimension as mentioned above – like the Alter Rebbe etc.


So it stands to reason, that the Rebbe also did.


What was the Rebbe’s unique addition, I asked Rabbi Wagner?


“Atzmus” he replied.


Atzmus is the infinite ability of God!


Often – in fact, very very very often – the Rebbe never tired to mention that,    unlike as we seem to think God is beyond us, the true infinity of God is to both be beyond and within at the same time – for to limit infinite ability to being beyond is to not truly be infinite!, rather to be on a LEVEL which is beyond our finite realm.


However on Shabbos Nachamu the Rebbe taught an amazing point of God’s infinity!


He asked the question, how come God took so long in bringing the redemption?!


If technically Mosses could have entered into Israel and brought about the final revelation, redemption, why so long till now, when redemption is beginning?


The answer is, that the infinity of God allows that ALL POSSIBILITIES SHOULD EXIST  SIMULTANEOUSLY!!!


In other words, sure God in one moment can take man to the highest heights, however the problem with that is, that it lacks avodah i.e. man’s accomplishment in scaling the mountain.


Hence in the messianic era which we have begun, two opposite yet uniquely great paradigms simultaneously exist, on one hand man has worked through his issues and come to discern the difference between light and darkness, materialism and spirituality respectively!, and yet at the same time, God himself shall descend to man.


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