The narcissism covering the idealism of society




Man is primarily an emotional machine!


There are two emotions that govern everything he thinks says and does!


Although of course we – as the Rebbe teaches – are the sum total of our opinions, nevertheless our opinions are the sum total of our emotions!


Hence the child who has received love, looking through a rose colored prism, sees the world, a place of love and goodness!


On the   hand, the adult who has received fear and negativity, looks at the world though, well, fear and negativity!


For example, monkeys who had their mothers removed from their protective nurture for three hour a day, develop anxiety disorders, AND NEVER RECOVER!


Children abandoned in Russian orphanages who didn’t receive love, are unfortunately wounded for life.


In an ideal situation, a child is comforted and develops love for humanity due to his/her mother’s love for it.


Then people are often jealous (bullies etc. – antisemites – anti-americanism) and a new reality may occur, in which the perfect world seems imperfect.


The Kabbalah teaches us, that “he who is narcissistic (full of himself/herself) is really nothing, while he /she who is humble (thinks nothing of him/herself) is really great.”


What does this mean?


Well in psychology (I forgot the psychologists who coined the phrase regarding narcissism) “narcissistic wounding.”


In other words, if please God I have a positive self regard and someone – usually out of jealousy – demeans me (typical bully or antisemetic behavior) if I believe that what they are saying is true, I then feel ashamed and not desiring for people to see the imperfect me, I create a false me which I represent to the world.


The trouble is, that the person who is really nothing, is the person who harmed you in the first place!, for if their self esteem was good they would seek your love – to give love – and not God forbid the opposite.


It is for this reason, that we find Americans on the whole are genuinely open people.


As the basic premise of America is the individual and human rights etc., hence most Americans have a positive self regard, which is why they are not anti-Semitic, and open people – desiring to give love!

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