I have a right!


Do you?


At the core of everything, is how we perceive the core of everything.


God created us in a way – as the Kabbalists teach – we perceive our existence as being true and God as being somewhat of a myth or at best a probable reality.


In heaven, of course they see the opposite as being true, that God is true and the rest is somewhat of a myth or at best, a realm of perception (which we won’t go into now.)


When we see earth’s approach, “I have right!” “I am entitled.”


In fact, Aristotle, though being no fool, said a very foolish thing – for all people are biased towards their desires – that, the universe always existed!


In other words, at the heart of non-Jewish thinking, for the basic western paradigm is really the Greek philosophies – namely, that our existence is what is real, and God etc. is somewhat of a metaphysical anomaly.


On the other hand, Jewish thinking goes in the diametrically opposite premise – God is real and the question is, what are we doing on earth?!


There is a cute Chassidic tale, when a Chassidic rabbi said to a misnagdic (an opposition clan) Rabbi, “you know, you think more about God than I” which greatly pleased his “rival.” The truth is, that a deep truth was exposed in this pithy statement “the reason the misnagid thinks more about God, is because he is convinced that this existence is real, so he continuously contemplates regarding God (is He or isn’t He? etc.) However to the Chassidic (Jewish mysticism) master, God is real, so there is a new question, am I real or not?


In other words, we can either believe – erroneously, that we are entitled to life, for we know of our life.


Or we can correctly understand, that all life must have a source, the source is God hence our life is nothing more than the love of God to create a child.

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