Fools never die, they are reborn




Well it’s not my place to be derogatory, but it’s about myself, and has a nice lesson, so it’s a good thing!


Eyeing was I the sweepstakes – a nice car if you sms in the packaging code.


Then I realized, maybe it would actually be bad for me to have a car – who knows, God forbid I could have a crash.


So believe it or not, I had an epiphany (I know a very rare occurrence indeed:))


What God doesn’t give us, is equally a blessing as what he does!!!


One of the first things the Rebbe Rashab taught his son and future Rebbe the friedikeh Rebbe (the previous Rebbe) was the teaching of the Alter Rebbe that as the redemption from Egypt was a revelation, it needed only 210 years preparation, (for, to say, be worthy to see a great show, you may need to pay a lot) but as this future redemption is not a revelation, rather it is the merging of the Divine essence within humanity (and like the difference between seeing, say, a beloved artist performing on stage, versus the amount of effort to woo and marry and then remain eternally in love!) hence the inordinate preparation for the current redemption.