The Inside War


It doesn’t take two to tango, it only takes one!


If one psychopath decides to attack, the good person has no choice but to defend!


This is evident in terrorism, and in all the wars Israel had to defend herself against!


War is not an option, it is foisted upon good people.


The same holds true within the human psyche (mind.)


My grandfather Rabbi Kazen had a face that beamed an ethereal glow.


Desiring to understand the nature of an education that could cause a radiant face – ah lichtigeh panim


I asked him “how were you schooled by the great Chassidic masters in Russia?”


“Michoel Teitelbaum told me when I was about ten, ‘in the mind there is a war (between the yetzer tov, good thoughts; and yetzer hara, bad thoughts;) and we must be victorious!’”

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