Ying and yang


The well known principle of rotzu vshuv, ying and yang, forward and reverse is the all encompassing principle upon which God created our lives.




Why couldn’t we be like God, just simply perfect?


Why create imperfect beings that need to fall, to learn that there is a better way to walk?


The answer is precisely that.


If we would never get shattered, we could never be rebuilt.


Now the reason we grapple so much with this process is because we are limited, hence we imagine that there is an ideal which can be reached, hence once it is reached, no need for shattering.


A great example of this would be of a plastic surgeon who is infinite.


As he is infinite he can always make you look more beautiful.


So normally you would think that one plastic surgery should do the trick, for you do the best you can and that’s it.


But what if truly the plastic surgeon is infinite?


Then today you should become more beautiful than yesterday, and tomorrow even more beautiful than the day before!

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