Why the wisdom of the past will be the wisdom of the future


The wisdom of the past is the secrets of the Torah called soid / Kabbalah as explained in Chassidus.


The current wisdom is a massive cholent (stew,) it is a collection of the retarded assumptions of professors who excel at making assumptions.


Now what would happen if you tried to make a cholent (stew) by combining every ingredient that comes out of every belly button of whoever is called a professor?


Well you end up with the chaos, which is collective wisdom of all the chefs!


So the bottom line is, that though individually what each person may be concocting is true, when you combine the mixture, it is absolute chaos to be polite about it (much like throwing in every food from your pantry into a stew and that is the result you will get.)


A wisdom that can organize information, that can categorize, prioritize, that can allocate every bit of wisdom to its compartment in the collective whole, is what is needed to have a beautiful four course meal.


Every dish served in its time – every dish palatable – and the overall effect – delicious!


This is the wisdom of God!


To do justice to it, would take thousands of books dealing intricately with every subject under the sun – which would be possible to write if one had the time and patience to collect it, but ultimately the beauty of Kabbalah is that if you get to the very foundation of all wisdom as the verse states “The foundation of wisdom is reverence of God which is a wise move to all who follow this” one can effectively turn on the GPS for life.

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