What is the most important feature of life


The Rebbe boils down Judaism – and he was perhaps the most qualified in human history, having both an encyclopedic knowledge of Judaism, as well as coming after all the great scholars of the past four thousand years, hence the ability to reference all of Judaism – to bitul and hodah.


Bitul = submission to God


Hodah = gratitude to god


The most important quality, ironically, is not who we are, but who we aren’t!


How come?




If you wanted to see the world, what would be the most important thing you can do?


If you choose a destination, you are limited to going to that destination!


The most important thing would be to ask someone who is an expert, how it is feasible for you, a novice, to see the world!?


Who knows what kind of wisdom, itinerary, experience, you can gain?!


So the most important quality in being good, ironically, is not in knowing what to do, but being open to doing anything!

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