How does heaven meet earth?


The answer is very perplexing.


For thousands of years people pray to God.


Obviously God hears, but does he answer?


Scientific studies show, pray helps, but it certainly doesn’t always work.


Is there anything that does work?


I believe the following is how heaven meets earth.


Effectively there are three realities:


Reality number one would be the law of the jungle – if you are lucky everything works out, if you are unlucky you get swallowed by a bigger fish!


The normal understanding of God which is very human-like i.e., he is the boss, if I serve him adequately he will provide my needs – which obviously is not correct based on historical evidence.


But the third, the way of Chassidus is the truth!


The law of the jungle applies if you believe it, and the law of an all protective God who will always help you also applies, if you believe it!


In other words, it is not your actions but your thoughts that change reality; at the same time, your good deeds, as our sages teach us, act as advocates on high for you; so if God forbid a negative decree was in your destiny, the extra charity you gave (for example) can save you.