There are two kinds of societies




Those who identify – as they have been empowered i.e. democratic societies – with each other, hence the people desire unity and as a result they are kind.


And those that don’t identify – as their societies’s denigrates the individual, usually for the  benefit of the dictator  – hence the people feel like crap, hence they are jealous of those societies that do identify, and as we see in the school-bully, when you feel like crap, all you want to do is crap on others.


Why you really can change the world



Most of us see the world as this vast domain and we are but one person


But let us analyze, the Rebbe certainly changed the world, how?


In fact all the great Rebbes before him did – how?


The answer is perplexing i.e. people perceive two worlds which are superimposed on each other.


The first world is the mind that somehow adds up all the dots of reality quickly – seven billion people – lots of land etc. etc.


But then there is a much much smaller world, which is the heart – the world out there is really the world in here.


In other words, say a child is God forbid abused, then the world outside there very much gets superimposed based on the world inside here, and he perceives a hostile angry world, and he usually becomes hostile and angry as well.


What’s really happening



The infinite one – without limit or beginning – decided out of love – for as he is infinite, he can project and see and love you before you are created (a bit like a mother to her offspring) to create you, but for you to exist you need to think you exist, so he hid his light and in darkness (nature) you were born (for nature obscures the miracles that create it) then using your divine souls desire for truth, you will plow through the myriad of dung (unsubstantiated theories out there) and finally  find the diamond, Kabbalah and Chassidus, that manifests his love, mission and guidance for you!


What can we learn from Egyptians voting in radical terrorists into power


This is reminiscent of Germans voting in Hitler – remember he was elected


It seems that societies that do not love their children – as Golda Meir said “there will be peace in Israel when the Arabs love their children more than they hate the Jews” – are societies that use i.e. Abuse their children; and societies in which their children are abused (not given dignity etc) are societies that are jealous of societies that give dignity and love etc. etc. to their children, and jealousy creates a feeling of hatred, and hatred creates a feeling to destroy the source of hatred, for hatred is like the body literally eating itself up, and hence these societies are rooted in anti-Semitism for their only hope is in the destruction – which obviously God will return onto their heads – of the good loving people.