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All pretence is baloney – in other words, someone who feels as if they are non-existent hence they create a false image to convince others that they are an existence

Our greatness is not in how many time we indulge ourselves, for every instinctual mammal does that, rather in how many times we overcome indulgences!

What are the definites



One of the very difficult things about life and in Judaism as well, is that there is so much information that we often get confused.


The purpose of this article is, to say what is definite and the other confusing things will not need to confuse us, as it doesn’t take away from the definites, rather is a facet to add onto the definites.


  • There is a single creator who manifested a reality in which we perceive ourselves as the true reality and the creator as the possibility.


  • It is man’s goal to supersede this false perception.


  • This is primarily done through the ein oid milvadoi meditation.


  • Ein oid milvadoi means, that as all matter constantly gets refreshed, reenergized from God’s energy, hence much like a person imagining a reality – hence the reality is not outside of the person rather inside the person, hence all of reality (though perceptually feels outside of God) is really part and parcel of God and carries no independence whatsoever!


This leads us to five conclusions:


  1. Everything that happens was designed by God.


  1. Everything that happens was designed by God for a purpose.


  1. The purpose why God designs everything is always for the benefit of man.


  1. The benefit for man for which reason God designs everything, is man’s spiritual growth.


  1. For man to grow spiritually from the design of God behind everything that happens –as he has free choice – he needs to seek the lesson behind it.


In a general sense, God gave the Jewish people his general desires for humanity which generally speaking is 613 commandments for Jews, and seven commandments for Noahides.


The essence of Judaism is, goodness sand kindness, or the verse, “Love your friend as much as yourself!”

Act – but first think!

Think about what people, groups of people, nations, religions etc. etc. represent

Often God asks you to care for others, but really he is deciding if when the same thing happens to you in the future you should be cared for or neglected based on your own determination

“Though you may not consider me to be valuable I consider myself to be – so treat me accordingly”