Understanding Kabbalistickly the meaning of Moshiach, our current generation



Kabbalistickly time is very interesting


Time is made up of various names of God which provide the energy source for the world


Without getting too technical, the fact is that the energy source of Moshiach relates to what is called pnimiyus atik


What is the difference between pnimiyus atik and chitzoinios atik?


The bottom line is this – from the beginning of creation up till now, the energy animating reality was in seder hishtalshulus – in other words, nature and supernatural were basically distinct zones, and there is a place for both, but they don’t really mix.


On the other hand, in our times things have changed.


The new reality is run by a different department in heaven.


In this department, the supernatural begins to blend with the natural, creating a new nature, a supernatural natural nature.


It is not easy to explain this, but it is happening all around us whereby the very fabric of human consciousness – so one hand it is not supernatural for it is our consciousness, and the other hand it is not the norm – nature, either, – is elevating.


No more do people merely seek animalistic behavior, no more do normal people see the benefit of war, no more do Jews seek assimilation, no more do even previous tyrannies i.e. Russia, South Africa believe in denying human rights – in other words, what used to be normal, now is abnormal.


This is the unique blend of a supernatural, namely Judaic approach to life, seeping, permeating and becoming the new consciousness of reality.


If you are watching a comedy you will laugh



Life is really a movie – not one we see, rather one we make


Most of us – this is based on psychological research – play a movie in our heads


We sort of replay the movie over and over and over


Now imagine you were playing a really funny comedy – well you will be laughing a lot


What if you would be playing a horror, well,you would be very very nervous


My grandmother wanted to expel the notion of movies from her daughters who decided that they should go see one – so she took them to a horror and being the first movie they ever saw they never asked to see a movie again


But what if – yes what if – your movie that you are playing in your head is a horror


The trick to life is to see the good in everyone and everything, for what you see will determine what you feel, and what you feel will determine what you see, and the cycle continues indefinitely.