Five realities exist, two side by side, three in sequence – The first reality is God who hid himself to create the second reality (which coexists within his reality) namely, our universe including ourselves; which leads to the third reality, which is God’s intent, the freedom to choose between the first two realities, and ultimately as man has instinctual lusts etc. man rejected the former for the latter, and ultimately because instincts are invariably just instincts and are meaningless, hence man’s soul gets roused to seek truth, which leads to the ultimate reality of dirah bitchationim, when man through his FREE CHOICE, chooses the first reality, hence the highest has united within the lowest!

    The Yor Tzeit (anniversary of the passing) of the Lubavitcher Rebbe is this Shabbos     What does it mean to me (and hopefully now to you)   Many people misunderstand the role of a Rebbe   Some go so far (usually out of jealousy) to call Lubavitch a cult)   Lubavitch is no less a cult than Judaism, who believes in Mosses as an intermediary to teach the word of God   Cults are defined by their lack of meaningful, only cult attention, to a leader   However Judaism defines a leader as one who is completely self-effacing   Last night we were privileged to hear from Raba Eliyahu Silberstein from Cornell University regarding what Gimmel Tammuz means to him.   He began with a parable:   What is the difference between my painting and an artist’s painting, for do we both not paint a face, two eyes, a nose etc. etc.?   The difference is, that my painting represents an eye, but it is far from an eye, however, an artist, not only represents an eye, it brings us to a deeper appreciation of an eye; for the genius of the artists, is be able to express an eye in a way that perhaps a simple layperson can never see – hence we marvel not so much at the technical skill a painter has, for is not a picture even more technically accurate? rather at the emotional depth of the meaning behind his painting.   Similarly, many people may study Torah – those with great minds may come up with great insights, but only a Rebbe, being in another realm – his, a soul of God, sees empirically God; whereas our body, also containing soul of God, nonetheless, are obscured through the descent of our soul Read more…

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