Don’t forget the context



As the famous saying “seeing the wood from the trees.”


One must always remember not what they are looking at, but the purpose of what they are looking at.


Scientists, in fact, all great minds, usually get trapped somewhere between the search for meaning and the instruments and universe they are peering at.


For the universe, through our sensory intelligence, and the tools at our disposal, can merely reveal many particles, never, the mind of God, that Einstein so desperately sought to understand.


However, if we delve into Kabbalah, Chassidus, to understand the why of creation; we then actually have little to fear of the details, for they are all part and parcel of the why!


In other words:


Our sages teach us, the purpose of creation is for God to dwell within you! (the main meaning of Dirah Btachtoinim according to the Rebbe) on planet earth!


So lets look at this as a video game made by the Creator to get a better understanding of the why.


“I think I will make a game…


O.K., let me make a universe where people exist who can’t see the truth…


Then they will follow their biologically hardwired instincts till they are repulsed by it, for overindulgence causes repulsion, then they will seek the truth!


In their search for the truth, they will taste many theories, explore many notions, but finally they will find me!!!


Sounds cool!”


And God pressed start.


Understanding this is to understand why there is a world, why you exist!


But fear not – once you discover God, because God is the Creator, he is not limited to the world he created – as our sages teach – emphasized by the Rebbe Yelchu Mechayil El Chayil God will give you ever greater universes (paradigms) to discover.


It is not in the nature of a dementor to show compassion; Dumbeldore


What is human nature?


And who are the dementors  – for those of you who haven’t read Harry Potter?


Human nature is a combination of drives, there is the self preservation instinct, there is the natural desire for pleasure (drugs, sex, etc. or anything that naturally gives pleasure) there is the natural desire to not have, or feel pain or shame (which is a healthy form of humanity, for those without identification with others, feel no remorse, called a psychopath;) then there are more spiritual drives, (for we are a composite both of the light of God and the evil of the dementors) hence we desire world peace, we desire to help people.


The confusion comes in when we are helping people for selfish reasons, or when we need for self preservation – which takes up the majority of every person life, in sleep, work, eating, etc. – for spiritual reasons.


As one preeminent psychiatrist told me, humans don’t deal well with differences.


We are effectively highly simple people – we like to see things in black and white, which unfortunately is not the case.


But if we go to the extreme, if we do paint the absolute light and darkness of God and dementors, we shall be able to have clarity as never before.


The key thing to remember is that most things are actually grey, as such they can be used either for the good or for the bad, it is not the item itself that is either good or bad, rather the human touch, the human intent, the light of God in you or the darkness of the devil, the dementor, your Yetzer Hara that will effect its future.


In fact according to science, things only exist once a human observes them, and then they take on a personality (now Kabbalah disagrees with this, for we say, that things exist, as God informs us that he made a world in which a human observer was born into, however, Kabbalah agrees that things do take on the personality of the human who touches it, as well as being capable of shifting away from negative to positive, but that’s another subject.)


So we are left with three colors, black, white and grey.


White is giving, white is humility, white is compassion, white is unconditional love (this is where things get tricky, because all love feels the same – pretty good – but say the desire a man has for a woman, can either be lust or unconditional love, and the man will usually confuse the two, for our mind is nothing but a rationalization machine.)


Dark is anger, dark is arrogance (usually born out of a need for revenge.)


Now gray are those things that have no personality, hence are effected by the human touch, say water, food, all inanimate objects and as we move up the scale of personalities we then need to become careful with what identities we engage with, hence good animals are permissible to eat, bad animals (aggressive ones not – to the extent the Rebbe informs us, children should only look at kosher animals, for even looking at aggressive animals causes a low level of aggression to enter our consciousness) and how much more so, must we look at and only mentally ingest Torah, holiness, compassion, use Rebbes, Tzadikim, our sages, and forefathers and foremothers, as role models, and not God forbid, identify with evil people, Arabs, radicals, for here our ability to become infected is beyond belief.