Daily Archives: June 19, 2012

In a world planned by whomever made dna – that can create humans, animals, trees etc. with the ability to continuously recreate, off their tiny dna code held in their seed – hence we must realize that every step of every person – both what we comprehend and don’t, is a step planned by this creator for the mutual benefit of all good people

Another sign of how soon Moshiach is coming




A friend of mine recently told me that the world leader whom Moshiach will deal with – who will welcome Moshiach – will be a black man.


The reason for this is, that they are from the only nations that never oppressed the Jews.


Considering the polls, Moshiach is coming before NOVEMBER!

All success is specific




I remember that feeling of euphoria from success


We think “o.k. got that in the bag, now lets go off to conquer the next goal”


Trouble is that success is specific.


God wanted me to be successful in a. and not in b., so if you focus on a. you can grow it, but if you lose sight of your core mission and begin trying to focus on b. as many men do, well then you will lose a. and b.!

Imagine you are in one of those funky space chairs that you can drive through space




Trouble is that you are in it for life – floating infinitely – now ask yourself “what are the feelings I wish to have on this infinite journey in time?” BECAUSE THIS IS THE REALITY minus the space chair of course

The only way to be happy that you are happy is to always say thank you to God, for by saying thank you, you are reminding your brain that you are happy

By being happy that you are happy you will always be happy, but if you are not happy that you are happy than you can never be happy, for you will always want more

The only way forward is through submission to God and gratitude for your blessings, otherwise we are actually going backwards; for the more we get, the more we want, and the more we want, the less we have, as well as getting resentful over our lack and resentment breeds hatred and hatred is the cause of all evil