All success is specific




I remember that feeling of euphoria from success


We think “o.k. got that in the bag, now lets go off to conquer the next goal”


Trouble is that success is specific.


God wanted me to be successful in a. and not in b., so if you focus on a. you can grow it, but if you lose sight of your core mission and begin trying to focus on b. as many men do, well then you will lose a. and b.!


Understanding Darkness



Today I asked a black worker from Zimbabwe how things are there – as she recently came from there – bad, she replied.


People don’t have jobs – she sends from her meager salary, money to her family there. etc.


Understanding Darkness


As I contemplating about Robert Mugabe, a man she says she hates, a man responsible for eradicating the bread basket of Africa – his country – turning it into the highest mortality rate in the world, basically reducing his country back to the middle ages, lacking all supplies i.e. food, water, electricity etc. etc. it occurred to me that he thinks he is right.


And hence it made me realize that humanity must wake to see that people educated in the jungle, believe in the law of the jungle.


In other words:


Yesterday I was speaking to a very bright white South African Jew, how I believe South Africa is about a hundred years behind the consciousness of human rights that pervade the mindset of the western world.


He vehemently disagreed – why would you say South Africa? all of Africa! all of the Arab states! Iran! and others!


Well he made a point that most Americans and people brought up under democracy are blinded by.


It is not the color of your skin that makes you, rather it is the education – and not the education, rather the family, the role models, the society you are brought up into, that does.


For there to be a genuine response to evil one must understand that evil people are no different then the cultures they were brought up into.


This is not to condemn the culture, for the basic of liberty were only brought to western civilization in the past hundred years.


To understand the enemy, one must understand that the enforcement of liberty is a sacred duty.