So if humanity is full of lies and full of goodness, which one represents the real you



Jackie Mason has a joke of the guy who goes to a psychiatrist


We need to find the real you, says he


After a session of not finding the real him the psychiatrist hands him a bill


Please don’t give it to me replies the patient rather give it to the real me.


This is one of the fundamental points of Chassidus, love the precursor of goodness is the real you!


One of the scarcest things about people is themselves



Spiderman 3 is a story with the byline, “the ultimate battle is within”


The fallacy of human goodness was shattered following world war two


But likewise is the fallacy of those who condemn humanity


The Medrash tells (correct the details if I get this wrong please) that God consulted the angels prior to their creation (of humans)


“Should I create man” he asked


“But man is full of lies” (said the perfect angels)


“Ah, but so to are they full of goodness!”