When interference is a must



A United States Congressman was anti-Israel.


His Jewish wife asked a Chabad Rabbi to come speak to him


“We thought Israel would be a paradigm of virtue?!” says he to the rabbi ….


Tell me congressman, said the rabbi if a. will kill b. is it the moral duty for you to kill a. or is it an option?


I never really thought about that question. said the senator.


You see, the western mentality is, only after hundreds of thousands of people have been murdered, do we call the enemy an enemy and go to war.


Hence America didn’t even enter world war two, until millions of Jews and others were slaughtered, hundreds of millions of lives uprooted, and even then, only after its personal interests had been attacked.


So we look to God for the moral right to wage war and the same God who says, do not murder has four laws when it is time to murder.


When Israel attacks the Arabs they are usually wrong – for Israel engages only in reactions.


The Arabs – not all, but many – are what is called a roidef – people who are deliberately trying to kill b.


As such, the Jewish, God’s and the moral solution is not, “hope they don’t kill you and only once there is a clear and present danger to your life will you attack,” rather to see your brothers life as you own.

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