What I learnt from my son’s soccer game today



Playing soccer is simple, right?


What are you meant to do?


Get the ball in the other person’s goal.


Well maybe not?!


You see, today I took my son to a birthday party and he was goalie.


The birthday boy even had a soccer cake and he had some soccer coach managing the boys on the field.


To my surprise, my son was telling the birthday boy – on his team – “pass the ball!” – ah, I realized; you see, to some soccer is about getting the ball into another person’s goal, but for my son, the goalie, that matters little – to him soccer is like a game of pass.


You see the other team was much more compliant – “they always pass me the ball!”


I learnt a profound lesson in this – for all must teach us something, otherwise the Creator of the universe wouldn’t have had you see it – and that is as follows:


Life is like a game of soccer – most people simply follow the rules – in the west, the rules are sex, fame, money, in that order.


But there is a nation.


A distinct unique people…


They play by other rules!


To them, its not who gets the ball into the other person’s goal, rather it is about pass.

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