Updated Judaism



Is there really such a thing?


Doesn’t Judaism come with a warning – never update?!


Isn’t it cast in stone?


Isn’t the biggest problem, with those people who think they can update Judaism?




This is a very touchy, fine subject, so dear reader, please hold your applause for the end.


You see, Judaism, as God  – its Creator – is both untouchable and highly touchable, both beyond human intervention and both part of human intervention, both beyond logic (hence un-updatable) yet also capable of being updated.


For is this not what the Rebbe teaches us about Atzmus, God – the creator of Judaism – that the definition is, no limits, even the limits of no limits!


So Judaism does have a definitive format, hence reform Judaism is not Judaism, rather reformed away from Judaism, and if anything its anti-Judaism (not to say reform Jews aren’t Jews, rather the notion of reform Judaism is anti–Judaism – not to say anti Jews.)


So if you follow Judaism traditional description on how to update – like downloading the latest microsoft update, than it truly is a new part of the old Judaism.


Now how do we do this? – should we do this? – and how can we differentiate between genuine updates and viruses?


The answer of course comes from the original text itself, God tells us, in every generation I will give a prophet – and the way you tell he is genuine, is primarily by his adherence to the Judaism that was originally uploaded – such a prophet you must listen to, even if he temporarily goes against the Torah (for example Eliyahu Hanavie on Mount Carmel offering a sacrifice outside the Beis Hamikdosh.)


But most importantly, Judaism is the wisdom of God revealed to man – and as we approach the coming of Moshiach this wisdom is being updated and downloaded ever more frequently.

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