Understanding your life



Life as we know is nothing that we can detect.


What do I mean?


Imagine a puppet experienced his life. Would he know what is coming next?


Would he even know what was the intent behind what happened?


All of life, as the Rebbe so eloquently teaches – and this means all of it – is defined by a three stage process in which we are merely a puppet going from one paradigm to the next, one level to the next, one belief to the next.


The intent of this article is to help us deal – through a parable – to be able to have a paradigm of life itself.


But let’s begin at the beginning:


Life is divided into three stages:


1. God’s intents


2. The particular reality or realities which culminates in


3 God’s intent


So, say God wants the Jewish people to receive the Torah at Mount Sinai – which he did – hence after the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai, the Jewish people fulfilled God’s intent.


Another way of understating it would be from an example of a person planning to build a home.


First he dreams


Then he builds


Intent fulfilled


Now as God is infinite, God’s intent is not limited to a single intent, rather God’s intent becomes an infinite journey, once his primary intent is fulfilled.


What is God’s primary intent?


God’s primary intent is for you to discover God.


Once you discover God – through your free choice etc. etc., then God’s intent has been fulfilled (this is a very long subject which I do not want to go into now – I have written many other articles about it.)


However and this is very important to realize – and here is the parable for the paradigm of life – imagine that God’s intent was to design a computer, so incredible amounts of effort go into the design and manufacturing and most importantly, the software that the user interfaces with.


This is not the end of the story, rather it is the beginning of the journey!


For without updates, software would never improve.


Similarly, as God is infinite – if you have found him – you will find that you will always be finding out – like the updates of a software package or operating system – more and more and more and more and more and more.


What I learnt from my son’s soccer game today



Playing soccer is simple, right?


What are you meant to do?


Get the ball in the other person’s goal.


Well maybe not?!


You see, today I took my son to a birthday party and he was goalie.


The birthday boy even had a soccer cake and he had some soccer coach managing the boys on the field.


To my surprise, my son was telling the birthday boy – on his team – “pass the ball!” – ah, I realized; you see, to some soccer is about getting the ball into another person’s goal, but for my son, the goalie, that matters little – to him soccer is like a game of pass.


You see the other team was much more compliant – “they always pass me the ball!”


I learnt a profound lesson in this – for all must teach us something, otherwise the Creator of the universe wouldn’t have had you see it – and that is as follows:


Life is like a game of soccer – most people simply follow the rules – in the west, the rules are sex, fame, money, in that order.


But there is a nation.


A distinct unique people…


They play by other rules!


To them, its not who gets the ball into the other person’s goal, rather it is about pass.


When interference is a must



A United States Congressman was anti-Israel.


His Jewish wife asked a Chabad Rabbi to come speak to him


“We thought Israel would be a paradigm of virtue?!” says he to the rabbi ….


Tell me congressman, said the rabbi if a. will kill b. is it the moral duty for you to kill a. or is it an option?


I never really thought about that question. said the senator.


You see, the western mentality is, only after hundreds of thousands of people have been murdered, do we call the enemy an enemy and go to war.


Hence America didn’t even enter world war two, until millions of Jews and others were slaughtered, hundreds of millions of lives uprooted, and even then, only after its personal interests had been attacked.


So we look to God for the moral right to wage war and the same God who says, do not murder has four laws when it is time to murder.


When Israel attacks the Arabs they are usually wrong – for Israel engages only in reactions.


The Arabs – not all, but many – are what is called a roidef – people who are deliberately trying to kill b.


As such, the Jewish, God’s and the moral solution is not, “hope they don’t kill you and only once there is a clear and present danger to your life will you attack,” rather to see your brothers life as you own.


Updated Judaism



Is there really such a thing?


Doesn’t Judaism come with a warning – never update?!


Isn’t it cast in stone?


Isn’t the biggest problem, with those people who think they can update Judaism?




This is a very touchy, fine subject, so dear reader, please hold your applause for the end.


You see, Judaism, as God  – its Creator – is both untouchable and highly touchable, both beyond human intervention and both part of human intervention, both beyond logic (hence un-updatable) yet also capable of being updated.


For is this not what the Rebbe teaches us about Atzmus, God – the creator of Judaism – that the definition is, no limits, even the limits of no limits!


So Judaism does have a definitive format, hence reform Judaism is not Judaism, rather reformed away from Judaism, and if anything its anti-Judaism (not to say reform Jews aren’t Jews, rather the notion of reform Judaism is anti–Judaism – not to say anti Jews.)


So if you follow Judaism traditional description on how to update – like downloading the latest microsoft update, than it truly is a new part of the old Judaism.


Now how do we do this? – should we do this? – and how can we differentiate between genuine updates and viruses?


The answer of course comes from the original text itself, God tells us, in every generation I will give a prophet – and the way you tell he is genuine, is primarily by his adherence to the Judaism that was originally uploaded – such a prophet you must listen to, even if he temporarily goes against the Torah (for example Eliyahu Hanavie on Mount Carmel offering a sacrifice outside the Beis Hamikdosh.)


But most importantly, Judaism is the wisdom of God revealed to man – and as we approach the coming of Moshiach this wisdom is being updated and downloaded ever more frequently.