Its all about managing emotions



God is a funny guy


You see most of us are normal


Not God, God is a funny guy!


What do I mean by this?


You see what is normal?


Is there actually such a word?


Yes and no.


You see, normal people have one thing in common, they have consistency in their basics views and behaviors.


But not God, because in fact the definition of crazy – generally speaking – is  people whose views are fluctuating as their behavior – there is no consistency.


So normal would be a single viewpoint upon which behavior is based – and crazy would be lack of a viewpoint or continuously fluctuating viewpoints and erratic (based on the erratic or lack of viewpoints) behavior.


But God initially set us up!


Because he gave us emotions that are animalistic instincts like desire for instinctual pleasures as well as fears, similarly, based on survival etc. – very powerful emotions, as we all know; then he put on top of this body, a brain that could rationally seek to understand irrespective of the emotions.




This is the challenge of life!


And this is what Judaism is all about.


It is about managing emotions!!

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