A Chinese Saying – If you want to be happy for an hour, get drunk –  if you want to be happy for a day, get married – if you want to be happy for life, plant a garden – and to rephrase it Jewishly – make this world into a garden of goodness and kindness for God

    The Bottom Line Of Chassidus is the following three things:   Everything that ever has, is and will happen is ordained by God – usually to teach us something – so look at the message of all events!   Moshiach has begun to come, for the essence of Moshiach is the essence of the Torah, which began to be revealed from the times of the Baal Shem Tov, which is called Chassidus, and it is only through its study that man gets light in the darkness of exile!   Love your friend as much as you love yourself!

    People usually think that the method to God is to be like God, which would be to be spiritual   The truth is, the method to God, is to do God’s will, which would be to be a good guy on planet earth

All people have basically three parts to them, their rational minds, their irrational instincts and their evil ego, which comes to play when they feel insulted, degraded; so the key is to remember that you are really God, for your soul is your life, which is not your body, and your soul, like a flame from a fire is really the fire, and all that occurs is only from the source, for your betterment!

  That’s what you say, not when you discover a new insight, rather when you discover that your new insight is true!   I recently wrote to Dr. Josef Berke also a Lubavitcher Chossid the theory of the Baal Shem Tov which states as I term it, people get into an open / loving state, or a fearful / negative state.   And he confirmed VERY TRUE.   In other words, we are hopefully born into the open loving state, for our little hearts react to the love our mothers and hopefully fathers give us and the entire universe hence seems like a place that adores us.   Somewhere along the line we, – hopefully not, but presumably yes – encounter someone who is jealous of us.   Now we can recognize, when our parents or authority figure AKA teacher etc. admonishes us, it wasn’t that we are bad, rather a specific behavior we did that was bad, as such we usually will adjust our behavior to not receive admonishment as we associate the said behavior with the pain of the punishment or the shame of it.   But jealousy causes a different kind of tyranny, for in jealousy it is not the bad that we do that causes us to be jealous, rather the good that causes us to – sorry, others to be jealous of us.   For unfortunately, those souls who have been destroyed through others being jealous of them, and hence subjected to the tyranny of malicious degradation, are jealous of those souls who haven’t (this of course is the insane logic behind 4 thousand years of antisemitism which still goes on today, particularly through those countries and regimes that degrade their people like the Arabs – which is why we find so little anti-Semitism in Read more…

      The highest level is God which is goodness and kindness also known as unconditional love   The next level is Unconditional love but also mixed in with some personal selfish desires as well   The next level is a balance between unconditional and selfish love   The next level is mostly sleighs but a bit altruistic   And the worst level is only selfishness

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