Don’t worry be happy – Moshiach is really on his way



Rabbi Wagner an expert on the Rebbe’s views on Moshiach says the following  example for us to understand the Rebbe’s view on Moshiach:


Imagine you had a million dollars in a Swiss bank account.


Now that would be nice wouldn’t it?




Now imagine you forgot the code (for all Swiss accounts have numbers and only with the number can you access the funds.)


Now you understand the desire we should have for Moshiach!


What does this mean?


You see, Moshiach can be a dream or it can be a reality.


The Rebbe has told us that Moshiach – which I interpret to mean the soul of Moshiach, namely Godliness at its peak – has descended into our world.


We are not living in Exile we are living – to quote the Rebbe – “in the Messianic era!”


Now if this is the case – if we have the million dollars – but cannot see or access it! – as the Rebbe said, “we need to open our eyes (mind) to be able to perceive it” – this is the level of desire we need to have.


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