Understanding true infinity



There are basically three mentalities, visa-vie God and reality.


The first sees reality – nature – and doesn’t see God.


The second, sees God and doesn’t see nature – you know people who believe all will be conquered through a prayer – the reason they perceive reality this way is because in truth if God can create miracles then there is no reality, only Gods will, so all should be solved through prayer – which is a logical deduction.


And then there is the Rebbe’s, Chassidus’s Jewish mysticism’s view.


God desires to enter into our word!


This would be like a father who desires to visit his children.


So three realities exist:


On one hand is the home, the natural way of life of the children.


On the other hand – in our case – the miraculous ability of the father.


But most importantly, is the merging of these two realities.


For the father seeks not to annihilate his children’s reality, rather to enhance it!