What truly matters to God



Yesterday I read a fascinating teaching of the Rebbe – generally speaking one would obviously say goodness, kindness, Mitzvos, matter to God


But mystically speaking this is not true


In the essence of God; Mitzvos, the difference between right and wrong, is actually a choice, and as it is a choice it doesn’t exist in God’s essence


What matters to God is people who choose to do good and hence the universe


We all want to be happy



Happiness is obviously everyone’s goal


The trick of course is how to get there


Advertisements, particularly the media has sold us on lurid and stupid, yet well set mindsets, on how to get happy; sex, money, fame, drugs etc.


For those who have experienced any, or all of those things, they know it is at the most a fleeting pleasure!


Dr. Twersky, one of the foremost Rabbis and Psychiatrists in our time, and author of dozens of books, particularly on this subject, was interviewed by a Jewish newspaper in England on this question, he said:


People mistake happiness with pleasure.


Pleasure is a temporary fleeting instinctive reaction to a stimuli.


Happiness comes from a deep soul need to cause a meaningful difference to someone else’s life.