If you want to understand God, all you need to do is understand women



You see, men understand why men like women, but for the life of them, don’t understand why women like men


Now of course being a man – not much of one, but generally speaking you know – I wouldn’t understand either, if not for Judaism, which contains all truth


One of the reasons women want men is simply for a relationship


Yes, you heard right


A relationship!


What is a relationship? – friendship!


Women desire to have a friend in their husband – and find me one, one woman! who will deny this assumption.


So now, get back into God’s head!


To have a friendship / relationship, five main things are required:


1. There a., must be an other – to do this God created a nation (in Hebrew the word Am comes from the word oimimus depth, meaning other.)


2. You need that the other should desire to have a relationship with you – ah… here comes the hard part = what don’t women do so men should desire them – similarly, God let men roam the earth (women too) so they should get out their walkabout *a term used to describe the male need to roam planet earth prior to being ready to find his happiness is in his own home.


3. God needed Judaism, for it is the bridge between man and God.


4. God needed the Rebbes, the prophets, perhaps even the Rabbis who would share Judaism’s message to humanity!


5 But most of all, God desires the free choice, that eureka moment, when a Jew (or perhaps all people) discover, YES THERE IS A GOD! YES, HE DOES LOVE ME! AND YES! AI DO LOVE HIM!

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